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Posted by Jesikah Post, on behalf of DataBC.

The BC Physical Address Geocoder web service makes it easy for you to locate and standardize civic addresses in British Columbia. The Geocoder is a fast, free and public web service provided by the Province of British Columbia that can be used in your websites and applications.

Posted by Elaine Dawson on behalf of DataBC


Guest blog by Sue Bigelow, Digital Conservator for the City of Vancouver Archives

We’ve had great response to making Goad’s 1912 Fire Insurance map available as a Vanmap layer and as downloadable open data. We received a request to make it available through different services so that the information can be used a variety of ways. As a result of all the feedback, we plan to contribute the information through Open Historical Map, and the Province of British Columbia’s innovative BC Developers’ Exchange is collaborating with us to help make it happen.bcdev mtns

Open 511_2Guest blog by Alex Ritchie, A/Director, Architecture and Standards, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Developers and entrepreneurs can now leverage real-time road events data to build commercial apps and online services to inform travellers of potential travel delays.

githubBy Loren Mullane, Community Engagement, BCDevExchange

As any coder will tell you, sometimes code breaks. Normally, fixing broken code falls on the original coder who needs to carve out time in their busy schedule. A fix can take time depending on how much other work a coder has.