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Guest blog by Sue Wheatley, Online International Marketing, International Trade

Wondering where to find up-to-date data about communities in B.C.? Or where to see what investment opportunities are available in our Province? Look no further than, B.C.’s Trade and Investment website.

Pay for Pull

January 18, 2016 |add comments 5 comments

By Todd Wilson, Director, Integrated Planning and Business Leadership, Office of the Chief Information Officer, @kelpislandmake-code

How can we make it easier for innovators in B.C.’s tech sector and government to work together?

Posted by Sarah Newton on behalf of DataBC.

DataBC has improved its public Web Map Services (WMS), making it easier to use government data within the mapping application of your choice.

KanbanBy David Hume, Project Lead, BCDevExchange

One of the challenges we are working on is how to present a public sector organization so the tech community can see opportunities, be they market opportunities, innovation opportunities or learning opportunities.

Posted by Jesikah Post, on behalf of DataBC.

The BC Physical Address Geocoder web service makes it easy for you to locate and standardize civic addresses in British Columbia. The Geocoder is a fast, free and public web service provided by the Province of British Columbia that can be used in your websites and applications.