Welcome to the Province of BC’s blog for DataBC

The creation of DataBC is part of our commitment to be an open, transparent and accountable government. This is a central place for you to access – and a place for us to share – raw data and datasets that the provincial government collects.



DataBC will have about 2500 sets of data to start. This data is free, searchable and available for everyone to use. You’ll find different kinds of datasets and tools here to help you conduct research, analyze statistics, develop apps and answer other questions.


On this blog, you’ll find a fresh posting every week, and each post will have a different focus – we’ll even have guest bloggers too.


As a way of doing business, open data will not succeed unless we also open the door to dialogue, and starting conversations with those of you who are already keen about open data will create more value for all of us. We want to hear from you and we want you to use this blog to make it your own.

So without further ado, I encourage you to get involved and join the conversation. Please make a comment and let us know about your findings and the interesting things you come across as you begin to search through the data.


Stephanie Cadieux,

Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government

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8 responses to “Welcome to the Province of BC’s blog for DataBC

  1. Ruth Zambrano

    I would like to know about Research from Ambulance Service,Epidemiology,Public Transportation,BC Hydro,Environment,transmission and Communications,Engineering (from Universities as SFU -Campus Burnaby and UBC) based on Bio-sensors in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and spectroscopy,intelligence visualization and High-voltage power wireless network remote monitor,infrared technologies and hybrid anaylsisis for the scattering electromagnetic as dipolo with Human Body,Multiphoton absorbtion in a human Body and Medical Imagen transmission this are part of the mechanism of medical implants that require wirelessly communication from outside the body and inside the body with ultra-low power near field Radio frequency telemetry with low power Bluetooth,Ulttra Wide Band (MICS medicaImplants)or Zigbee system,far-field antenna.I appreciate your help.Thank You.

    1. DataBC Team

      Hi Ruth, thank you for your comment; you given us an impressive list of data requests. We’ll have to have a look at our data and see if the province has any related data. It may be that much of that type of data stems from work by medical researchers and universities as you’ve identified. We recommend contacting them as well.

  2. Neale Adams

    The site looks good. Publishing raw data has worked well for the City of Vancouver and I am sure your efforts with benefit the province. I hope this effort will be properly funded and kept up to date, even when in the future certain of the data becomes (as it inevitably will) politically charged.

    1. DataBC Team

      Thanks Neale, we’re certainly excited by the interest and feedback so far. Keep checking back as we add new data!

  3. Tim Beachy

    Thank you for developing and implementing the Open Government site. I found the information I was looking for easily and it was in the format I was seeking. Now I am hungry for more data. Is there an Open Government citizens group that could assist in making the site even more useful, accessible and sustainable?

    1. DataBC Team

      Thanks Tim, we’re happy that you’ve found data that works for you; we’ll be adding more and more data so keep checking back. Also, let us know if there’s particular data you’re looking for; we’ll try our best to track it down.

      There is an independent Open Data Google group which has provided great suggestions for us. There’s a hyper-text link to the group in the introduction text on this page which will take you here http://groups.google.com/group/opendatabc?pli=1

  4. Ron Peters

    Certainly someone must have brought this up already – P.S. where do you go to read everyone else’s comments?… – can you either download a complete list of data sets or generate a report (a pdf would be nice) of the complete list?

    1. DataBC Team

      Hi Ron, there’s two different kinds of comments; comments added to datasets and comments on the blog. As you can see below, the blog has comments. If you are referring to comments about datasets it’s a bit more tricky but we can look at how we can make the full set of comments available/ Or perhaps I’ve missed your question completely…

      You can download the full contents of the data catalogue here

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, we appreciate the feedback!